Master of Technology & Innovation Management

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The MTIM program is designed for executives and managers who are looking to develop their business acumen and leadership skills for advancement to more senior positions. Specifically, the focus of this program is to develop the necessary competencies needed to lead and manage in technology based situations. The curriculum for this program is based on a competency model that addresses these goals. A unique characteristic of this program is the use of Management Competency Workshops (MCW) to complement conventional classroom teaching. MCWs provide the opportunity for students to learn specific techniques that build their pool of managerial competencies. It designed to be flexible to suit the students’ interest. Students are given the choice to attend any 5 MCWs from a list of possible competencies.  The department takes pride in conducting the MTIM in small classes of 30-35 students. This ensures better interaction and collective learning in each course. This also helps to ensure that the use of experiential teaching techniques such as case analysis and role play to ensure a more effective learning and transfer of competencies.


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February 20, 2017