Master of Philosophy (Hydrology & Water Resources)

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The programme is offered to those interested in in-depth research on a specialized area. A student must take one university general elective course (3 credits) and a research project equivalent to 33 credit hours. A lecturer or a panel of lecturers appointed by the faculty will supervise the research work. The minimum duration for full time students is three (3) semesters. The student may be allowed to convert his/her programme of study to Ph.D. degree subjected to approval by the faculty. The student may carry out research in any research area as stated in the Areas of Research Section. Assessment is based on the semester progress reports, and the award of the degree is based on the submission and presentation of the thesis (viva voce).

The fields of specialization are Structures, Materials, Geotechnic, Transportation, Traffic, Highway, Hydraulics, Hydrology, Water Resources, Coastal and Maritime, Environmental, Wastewater, Construction Management and Construction Technology.


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February 20, 2017