Doctor of Philosophy (Physics)

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Material Science, Advanced Material, Nanotechnology, Crystal growth & fabrication, Glass, ceramics and amorphous materials, Magnetic, dielectric materials and devices, Bulk semiconductor and thin film devices, Superconductors, Instrumentation, Non-destructive Testing, Instrumentation in NDT, Intelligent instrumentation; Digital signal processing; Parallel processing, Image and signal processing, Computer interfacing, Process automation, Development and application of microcontroller; Sensors, transducers and displays, Geomagnetic devices, Computational physics, Radiation Physics, Medical Physics, Radiation Protection, Environmental Protection, Environmental radioactivity level, Medical imaging; Theoretical nuclear physics, Neutron activation analysis, Photonics, Photonics components, Optoelectronics, Laser interferometry, Optical imaging, Terahertz imaging and spectroscopy, Laser and Electro-optics, Fibre optics sensors, Fibre Bragg Grating devices, Fibre laser, Laser applications.


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February 20, 2017