Doctor of Philosophy (Management)

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The Doctorate Degree (Ph.D) Program in Management is created to train calibre and high performing graduates to find genuine discoveries in the field of management via research. Applicants who are selected for the Doctorate Degree (Ph.D) program are those capable of conducting a research in the field of their interests. The outcome of the research should reflect their ability in critical analysis, their thinking strength and capability of integrating their skills in research and their indepth knowledge.


1. To provide an indepth knowledge in one specialized field so that the graduate is able to contribute and make evaluations on contributions made by other pioneers.
2. To enhance and expand the contributions of the university in terms of genuine research in the field of management especially those that are related to the national interests.
3. To train and create professional graduates in the field of management.


The program is conducted in by research only. The mode of study is either a full-time or part-time. Graduates shall be required to sit and obtain a good pass in the Research Method course before embarking on their research.

Additional Info: Progress report should be submitted to the supervisor once every 6 months. The report is to monitor the progress of research in that respective 6 months period. Candidates will present their proposal at the first level evaluation defense. It is to ensure the academic quality and the direction of research is relevant to the registered program of study. The evaluation is an important agenda in the process of learning by research and is meant by an extensive evaluation on the proposal of the scope of research, hypothesis, instrumentation of work, analysis and expected research discovery after basic literature review is completed. The evaluation is important in deciding whether the candidate has achieved the expected progress and still qualify to register as research student in the respective program of study or otherwise.


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February 20, 2017