Universiti Teknologi Malaysia is the first university in Asia to offer a postgraduate programme in Tourism Planning. Jointly conducted by the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and the Faculty of Management and Human Resource Development, the course adopts a flexible teaching approach to suit the needs of both fresh graduates as well as practitioners in producing skilled and highly trained tourism planners.

The teaching approach has also evolved from its town planning tradition since the inception of the course in 1998 to a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach based on the principles of sustainability. A distinct feature of the course is ‘hands on’ learning through ‘live’ projects for clients such as UNESCO, The Ministry of Tourism, State agencies and local authorities. The course also covers the whole spectrum of tourism planning such as ecotourism, urban tourism, rural tourism, heritage tourism, island tourism, and sustainable tourism, etc.

In addition, the active involvement of the tourism planning programme in cultural heritage management/ cultural tourism projects under the auspices of UNESCO has largely contributed towards the listing of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning into UNESCO is prestigious Asian Academy for Heritage Management.

The objectives of this programme are:

  • To impart knowledge on the latest development in tourism planning theory, principles and techniques.
  • To provide opportunities for education and research at the postgraduate level which seek to achieve a balance between academic excellence and the needs of the industry.
  • To supply the job market with professionals in the field of tourism planning.


Semester 1

-Tourism Planning
-Tourism Management
-Tourism Analysis
-Dissertation I
-University subject

Semester 2

-Tourism Marketing
-Dissertation II
-University subject

Semester 3

-MIT 5300 : Dissertation III


Posted on

February 20, 2017